About Us


Our Story

Grian52 is committed to contributing to the development of a sustainable and energy independent Ireland. Through engagement with homeowners, businesses and farms and working with local communities, we supply products and systems specially suited for  renewable energy refit projects in West Cork.

Our team at Grian52 is excited to continue developing best-in-class  examplar projects in energy efficiency, innovative technologies, and novel solutions for West Cork, Ireland and beyond.

What We Offer

GRIAN52 is a specialist supplier of high-tech renewable energy systems. We are committed to providing one-stop energy solutions, including design, tendering, energy management, and energy storage, to customers in West Cork.

We Know what's Required

We Work with great technology

We use our kowledge and connections worldwide to source the best technologies for your project. Whether it's a straightforward solar power installation for your home or a complex power, hot water and heat solution for your commercial premises, we can find, order and optmise the best suite of products to meet your precise needs. This way we make sure you get value for your money and a great return on your investment.

We help With Finances

Through SEAI grant supports we can deliver high quality energy systems at a bargain. We have also partnered with Humm to offer monthly payment options spread over 36 months or more



We want to change the way electricty and energy is generated and used in Ireland, creating resilient locally owned systems that help climate proof our common future.


Our vision is that Grian52 can help everyone become the master of their own energy future, save money and become energy secure as well as sustainable.

We Provide a One-Stop Solution

We are just a call or text away!