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Modular Homes for Better Living

Grian52 offers more than just Photovoltaic solutions for you. We make your life better, lower your living cost and reduce your carbon footprint with our modular homes.


Due to rising energy costs and the cost of living, many people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. Our PREFAB-X Pods was designed to do just that: offer a more sustainable house that has lower operating costs than traditional homes.

Our PREFAB-X range is a prefab modular home which can be installed rapidly—usually in 8 hours. It is constructed with high quality materials that ensure a long service life. The PREFAB-X combines modular living environments with advanced Smart Living Technology to help you save money while enjoying your dream lifestyle.



How are the Modular Homes Installed?

Types of Modular Homes

modular home


Modular home


How are the Prefab X Modular Homes Produced?

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