Green Your Farm, Business or Community Premises

 TAMS 3 is now open !

We offer solar PV panels and renewable heat technologies like heat pumps and solar thermal to allow you meet some or all of your premises energy needs over the year.

Whether it’s a Farm, farmhouse, supermarket,  hotel or community building, we can help you cut your bills and future proof your operation.

And of course we are set up to help you access the Exeed, ACA, TAMS 3 or Leader grants and reliefs which can cover up to 80% of the project cost.


Select from our solution sets here:

A full PV installation including inverters, controls and storage means you can take control of your energy bills.

PV and Thermal 
A business scale PV system plus solar thermal or a heat pump allows you meet all your own electrical, heating and cooling and hot water needs over the year. 

Your System
All our renewables systems are fully tailored to meet your business’s specific needs

Contact us now and we can begin the process of designing your system and applying for grants. 


Other PV and Renewable Products