Low voltage underfloor heating

Warranty: More than 5 years
Material: PERT, Graphene
Application: Office Building, Under floor Heating System
Type: Floor Heating Systems
Rated Voltage: 24Vdc /220 VAC
Power: 110W/220W/m2
Size: 0.5 Meter Width
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The king of new material – Graphene, is regarded as the most subversive material in 21th century. In recent years, the researches of IBM have found that Graphene can absorb and radiate up to 40% far infrared ray. Human body is a good absorber of far infrared ray, and the main absorption band is 3-15um where the graphene far infrared ray works. When heated, the graphene will radiate 8-15um far infrared wave which has the function of activating body cell nucleic acid protein and other biomolecules.


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