P4 Home PV System

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The P4 home solar system can provide 90% to 100% of  a typical Irish homes annual electricity needs.

It  has a 4.0kWp PV (triple E rated) panel array in combination with a 3.6kW hybrid (or 4kW string) inverter and optional 2.3 or 5.6 kWh LI battery storage.

Grian52 provides full system design, specification and carries out all the work on site.

A grant of up to 2,400 is available (BER required)

Our systems normally pay back their installation costs in 5 to 7 years and  last a further 20 to 25 (25 to 30 year lifespan)

Price:  From €6,725 (includes  grant and new 0% VAT). This system has a string inverter.

Price with hybrid inverter:  From €7,250 (includes VAT  & grant).  Price with 2.4kWh battery: €8,600

Includes; PV, inverters batteries if requested, cabinet, design, installation and certification.

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