PV Solar Water Heating

Available in 60-300L sizes.

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Photovoltaic electric water heaters, use the electricity generated by solar panels,with maximum efficiency through the solar heating controller to provide the electric heating rods, to heating the cold water in the water tank for users to use. The controller was built-in intelligent control functions, providing photovoltaic heating, PV and AC heating at the same time, Intelligent switching between photovoltaic and AC, heat preservation, energy saving and other personalized mode options, the family’s hot water all year round demand.




Photovoltaic power generation, ,low consumption and work at low temperature.


Smart switching DC/AC control to save your electricity bill cost.

Pressurized water tank, with continuous hot water output 24/7 with auto waste of cold water.

WIFI monitoring and remote setting.

Easy installation, maintenance and commissioning .