Energise Your Home with Grian52


We offer solar PV panels and renewable heat technologies like heat pumps and solar thermal to allow you meet some or all of your homes energy needs over the year.

And best of all, we provide the technical expertise to make sure  all the solutions and technologies work together to optimise their efficiency, lower your costs and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Home PV systems attract grants of up to 2400 from SEAI

The PV  P4 Solution

Our 4kWp PV system will normally meets up to 90% of a typical house’s annual electricity needs.
From 9,075 after grant, including VAT (excludes battery)
(€11,990 with 5kWh battery) 

The PV P3 Solution
Our compact 3kWp PV system, meets the electrical needs of a smaller house or one that’s not used all year.

From €7,720 after grant including VAT (excludes battery).  
(9,355 with 2.4kWh battery).  


The PT 5 PV plus Heat Pump Solution
Our 5.5 kW PV plus solar thermal or a heat pump allows you meet all your own electrical, heat and hot water needs over the year.
From 24,750 after grant, plus  VAT   

Other PV and Renewable Products