P3 Home PV System

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The P3 home solar system can provide all a smaller Irish home, holiday house or pod’s annual electricity needs.

It  has a 3.0kWp PV (triple E rated) panel array in combination with an 3.6kW hybrid  or 4kW string inverters and optional 2.4kW LI battery storage.

Grian52 provide full system design, specification and carries out all the work on site.

A grant of up to 2,100 is available (BER may be required)

Our systems normally pay back their installation costs in 4 or 5 years and  last a further 20 to 25 ( 25 to 30 year lifespan)

Price: From €5,400 (including grant  new 0% VAT) . This  system has a string inverter

Price with hybrid inverter: From €6,650 (including VAT & grant). Price with 2.4kWh battery:  €8,050.

Includes; PV, inverters, batteries if requested, cabinet, design, installation and certification.

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